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Hello Third Trimester! Looking Back Over My Second Trimester.

Hello Third Trimester
28 Weeks

I am officially 28 weeks pregnant today, which means that I now enter into my third trimester. I must say that some days felt long and uncomfortable, but I always tried to cherish each day of my pregnancy. Before looking forward to the weeks ahead, I want to fondly look back and document my second trimester.

Looking Back


A). Hip and Pelvic Pains

Early in my pregnancy, I began to experience pain and discomfort with my hip and pelvic bones. The pain has not gone away but I have found ways to cope each day. I discovered that sitting or standing still intensifies the pain. I learned that once I force myself to get moving it becomes much easier to get around. **If you are dealing with these pains I encourage you to get up and get active when possible.**

B). Insomnia

For many weeks now no matter what time I go to bed I always wake up around midnight. As I lay there exhausted from the day most times, I can not get back to sleep for at least an hour or so. I jokingly tell myself that my body is just preparing for the many months ahead. This may be true seeing that my daughter is very active around that time.

3). Swollen Fingers

Still Rocking My Ring

Last week, I woke to discover that my fingers were a tad bit swollen. This resulted in me not being able to wear my wedding ring. I had to work that day, so I decided to wear my ring on a necklace around my neck. I completely forgot that we currently have to wear the Mission Towel, so that basically covered up my necklace and my ring. This resulted in separate interactions with two different ladies trying to help me out.

Quick Story time:

I am a cashier and I come across some very lovely people. That day, on two separate occasions, I was kindly encouraged to get right with God before my baby is born. I was reminded that we all make mistakes, that babies are a blessing from God, and that He will help me. One lady specifically said, “Yes, being a single parent is hard but with God all things are possible”. 

These ladies were just trying to be encouraging and because of the absence of a ring on my finger, they assumed that I wasn’t married. I kindly revealed the ring that was mistakenly hidden under the Mission Towel around my neck. One lady turned red and let me know that she didn’t mean any harm. The other kind lady literally thanked God and told me that she was just concerned for my soul’s sake. 

I am not sure that I would do the same for a pregnant stranger whose isn’t wearing a ring, but I do appreciate the concern for my soul’s salvation.

I know I tucked my necklace in this pic. As a cashier, I am always moving so my necklace moves. You get the point I think. *not sponsored*

4). Minor Complications

If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel then you know that I had a mystery complication. It truly isn’t something I would like to go back over but if you missed it then you can find the details in the post here. In a later post, I was happy to let you all know that things had improved. Unfortunately, during last weeks appointment, I learned that the same problem has resurfaced. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned this time so I am just going to stay positive. We will see if things have improved at next weeks appointment.

All About Baby #2

I often dream that this baby is a boy although my doctor has shown us that we are having a girl. She is very active and loves to dance when there is music playing. I believe that she recognizes her sister’s and father’s voice because she moves whenever they speak to her. If she and I begin to play together, she will kick harder and harder if I don’t poke back right away (you can say that she loves attention). I feel a strong bond with her like I did with her sister. I am looking forward to seeing her precious face and beginning this new adventure.

My Final Thoughts

This trimester has been a good one. I am grateful that I have been able to enjoy this pregnancy this time around. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy my first pregnancy. The difference this time around is that I am older and have a more mature outlook this time around. I won’t be pregnant forever so I want to enjoy the tumbles, flips, and kicks while I still can.

Goodbye Second Trimester

As I enter into the final stretch of this pregnancy, I face the future with excitement. This is going to be a new adventure and I am all for it. I didn’t originally plan to get pregnant again just yet, but I couldn’t be any happier. I truly believe that God has amazing things in store for my family and for yours as well.

Ever Growing. 28 Weeks

Thank you for stopping by my blog once again. Please make sure to come back again, subscribe if you haven’t already, and until next time

Stay blessed

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A long Overdue Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks


Hello, Everyone!

It has been a few weeks so I think an update is in order.

Pregnancy Update 23 Weeks

Today is June 20th, and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. I have been MIA due to the highs and the lows in my mood swings. (I really didn’t want to get on here being a debbie downer nor did I want to pretend to be upbeat when I wasn’t).


1. I can feel baby B move and so can my husband and daughter. I haven’t really been petted by anyone else at this point ;).

2. Sometimes you can see her move when she is very active.

3. I have been waking up every night at the same time and then I can’t go back to sleep for hours. At that time, I wake to find that baby B is awake and pretty playful. She will kick and I will poke her and she will repeat. I have concluded that my body is preparing for those sleepless nights that are soon to come.

4. All is well with baby and me healthwise.

5. No specific cravings lately. Most of the time, I find that I am forcing myself to eat because of my lack of an appetite.

6. I am 9 pounds shy of the weight that I was when I gave birth to my oldest. I thought I would feel fat and embarrassed about the weight gain this time around, but I am honestly just enjoying my pregnancy (minus the mood swings).

7. My hip and pelvic bones still ache after being on my feet. I think I am getting used to it.

8. My oldest daughter is very territorial over my stomach. She reminds me all of the time that this is her sister. I can only imagine how she is going to be once her sister gets here.

That’s it for now.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope to see you again soon.

His servant,

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10 Things I Won’t Be Needing For Baby #2

10 Things I Won't Be Needing For Baby #2


As a child, I used to get things handed down to me from my older sister. At times, I didn’t mind as much because her style was pretty cool. At other times, I couldn’t stand it. As a soon to be mother of two, I understand the reasoning behind it and I too will be passing down a few things. Here are TEN things that I am looking forward to passing down to my newborn.

10 Things I won't be Needing For Baby #2

1. The Crib

It is a huge money saver to not have to purchase another crib. It is in good condition and I am so happy that I didn’t give it away like I planned to a few months back.

2. The Stroller

We still have our first born’s stroller that we hardly ever use. It is definitely one of those things that will be put to much use.

3. The Car Seat

I now see that holding onto the car seat that my oldest outgrew sooner than expected was a great idea. She is a tall kid for her age and for a little over a year now I’ve felt like it was one of those things that were unnecessarily taking up space. In my mind, I wasn’t going to have another child anytime soon so the car seat that she currently uses would be perfect. It adjusts to her height (from a car seat to a toddler seat, and to a booster seat). Now with two children, I will definitely be pulling out the old one once again.

4. The Travel Bed

This is an item that we definitely used from the start. It folds up, doesn’t weigh much, and takes up hardly any space. It’s easy to put together and take apart, when going on a trip you just put it in the car and go on your way.

5. Baby Carrier

This is a great item on those days when I want to get out of the house with baby without the car seat or stroller. If I want to run a quick errand by foot all I have to do is slide on the baby carrier, put baby inside, grab my keys, and go. It is a light weight option to the car seat and the stroller. I will definitely be putting to good use until baby #2 gets too heavy.

6. Diaper Pail + quite a few bags

As a first time mom, I didn’t realize the value of a diaper pail until I woke up in the middle of the night smelling dirty diapers. The next day, I went and purchased one and it made a world of a difference. I am so glad to still have that very pail with quite a few bags to go with it.

7. Baby Tub

The bath tub that I have has an attachment that helps keep the baby from sliding down while they are at the age where they can’t sit up. As they grow, I simply remove the attachment and it gives baby plenty of room. It also came with a little whale that drips water from it in a shower head fashion. My oldest wasn’t a fan of bath time but that little whale soothed her most of the time.

8. Baby Toys

My oldest daughter is such a smart toddler and I believe that it all started with those educational toys. I still have many of them and I will be pulling them out again for this baby as well.

9. Walker

This is a given. A walker is a necessity once this baby’s legs get stronger. I am pleased to still have this item in my possession.

10. High Chair

One of my fondest memories of motherhood was watching my daughter eat in her high chair. Although she would get her baby food all over herself and her high chair, it truly touched my heart to see her attempt to figure out how to feed herself. I am looking forward to witnessing the same with this precious baby.

Those are the top ten things that I am looking forward to passing down to baby #2. I am so happy that I didn’t throw these gems away because they will all be put to use pretty soon.

Thank you for tuning in!

See you soon.

His daughter,

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Pregnancy: Gender Reveal & Update- We Are Having A…

Gender Reveal: We are having a...


Last week, I shared with you all about a mystery complication that I was having with this pregnancy. I am so happy to inform you all that the doctor says that everything looks good. God is so good and I am truly grateful.

Gender Reveal

Today we got to see our precious little one. Everything looks great! The brain is growing the way that it should, the heartbeat was perfect, two legs, two arms, ten fingers, two feet, everything was the way it should be.

We also found out that we are having a…

We are having a girl!

It’s a girl!


We are having another little girl and she too will be due in October! We are so excited and blessed beyond measure. My husband, daughter, and I are so overjoyed to have this amazing blessing on the way.

Just a few more months to go. 

Thank you for stopping by!

Have a fantastic day!

His servant,

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Mystery Pregnancy Complication: Trying To Stay Positive- Baby #2

Mystery Pregnancy Complication

Hello, Everyone!

A few weeks ago during my appointment, the doctor discovered something we weren’t expecting. Since then we have been facing a mystery complication.  At this present time, I nor my family know what the cause is but we are trying to stay positive. Please watch the video to understand more about what’s going on.



On Tuesday, we hopefully will know the cause of this complication. Until then we will remain in prayer and stay as positive as possible. Your prayers are also appreciated as well.

Thank you for checking out my video!

Have a blessed day!

His servant,

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Blogging: Changes Are Coming. It’s Time To Prepare For Them Now.

Changes Are coming!

Changes Are Coming

As you know by now, my family and I are in the process of growing by one. With this being my second time as a new mom, I have a better idea of what to expect.

For a while, I expect very little sleep. I also expect to have a lot of adjusting to do as I transition from being a mom of one into a mom of two. I don’t want to wait too close to my due date to prepare, so I have already begun preparing in small ways within my home.

Now I want to take some of my preparatory focus and place it here on my blog. I enjoy blogging and I want to continue so I need to make changes that I can realistically maintain on a regular basis.


Blog Changes That Are To Take Effect

I have been blogging every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for months now. If you have been a regular viewer then you know that I recently missed a day here and there. The truth is that there isn’t enough time in the day for me to do all that I need to do and keep up with the current blog routine.

With much prayer, I have decided that I will only post once a week. I am not sure which day of the week that will be but I will keep you updated. I will post again on Friday and then my new blogging routine will begin next week.

Another thing that I need to change is my focus on my social media platforms. I have seriously been neglecting them and I need to spend time learning the ends and outs of each. I plan to focus on one or two at a time starting with my Facebook and my Instagram. (If you haven’t liked my Facebook page or haven’t already followed me on Instagram then I strongly encourage you to do so. I would love to keep in touch!)

Last but not least, I plan to make changes to the layout of my blog. I am not a pro by any means so I will learn what I need to do through trial and error.

Thank you for your support!

I truly appreciate all of you that have been dropping by my blog. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you all through social media. Once I get a routine that I can balance that won’t interfere with motherhood and my daily duties, then I will be able to make more adjustments. Hopefully, I will be able to do more postings within the week. We will see, but don’t worry I am not going anywhere. Things are just changing for the better!


Have a blessed day!

His servant,

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BVOD: Let Your Light Shine – May 8, 2017


Let Your Light Shine!

BVOD Let you light shine

What I took away from this verse:

Today I have to work and I can’t say that I am always pleasant with each customer that I come in contact with. As I meet different people I have to deal with different personalities. Some people are upbeat and want to converse with me and others are not so friendly. The truth is that whether they are nice or not I am called to be a light for Christ.

I am pregnant and my hormones are harder to control but still, I am called to be a light for Christ. It is not about tit-for-tat (if you are rude to me then I am rude back to you). I may have the right to be rude back but that would not advance the Kingdom of God.


How To Actively Be A Light For Christ In The Work Place

When I find myself trying to converse with an unpleasant person it isn’t always hard to do when it is just one or two, but it does get annoying after the 5th and 6th customer. Around that point, I find it harder to force a smile. In this moment, if I am level headed enough, I remind myself that I need to be a light for Christ. I don’t achieve this with a bunch of religious jargon. I do this by treating the individual the way that I wish to be treated.

I think about the day and how God has moved in my own life and I find that a smile naturally appears. I think about the fact that they were probably in a bad mood when they came through the door. Then I take into consideration that they are probably dealing with God’s knows what in their life and that a little compassion can go a long way. This allows me to stay calm and pleasant. Sometimes after I finish their transaction, that unpleasant person will tell me that they appreciate the kindness that they received.

The Point:

We are all called to be a light for Christ regardless of the way that we are treated by others. It isn’t always easy but if we have the right mindset then it is very possible.

If being a light for Christ is important to you and me then you and I will make it happen.


Today’s Prayer

I pray that as you go out into the world today that you point to Christ with your life. It can be difficult to deal with so many different people and so many different personalities. I pray that you stay focused on God’s will. May you not just live for Christ within the four wall of a church building but continue to do so on the outside. Allow God to use you and choose each day to be a light for Christ. Thank you, Father, for you know our hearts. Have you way in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

Thank you for dropping by.

Stay blessed!

His servant,

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Baby # 2: 6 Gender Prediction Test

6 Gender Prediction Test

6 Gender Prediction Test

In about a week and fours days we will be finding out the gender of baby #2. With that being said, I thought it would be fun to do 6 different gender prediction test. I decided to do this in video form. I hope that you enjoy!



The overall test results tell me that we are having a boy. We will find out in a week and some days and I promise to share that with you all.

Thank for tuning in!

Come back again soon!

His servant,

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What I Learned While Teaching Her To Ride


Learning To Ride Her Bike

Disclaimer: Since she doesn’t have a helmet, I didn’t let her ride alone. She wasn’t moving her bike. She was only posing for the picture.


I personally believe that God can speak in any moment.  It doesn’t have to be in a church service, although it can be. All you need to do is be willing to listen and open your eyes to what He wants to show you.

Yesterday, while teaching my daughter to ride her bike, I laughed as I received 2 little nuggets from the Lord. I thought it would be helpful to my readers. Here are 2 lessons that I received from the Lord during my daughter’s bike lesson.

2 Lessons That I learned

Lesson 1: Faster isn’t always better.

As I pushed my daughter up and down on the sidewalk at a slow pace, she quickly became bored. Her feet began to rock the pedals back and forward as she loudly protested “faster mommy, faster!” I tried to explain to her that she was still learning and that we would get faster over time. Once I said this I felt and an internal nudge from the Lord.

I understood exactly what the nudge meant. I am guilty of getting bored along the way as I follow God’s leading. Instead of trusting Him, I declare that we go faster. God see’s the end and knows exactly what He is doing and where He is taking me. Faster may add some excitement to the journey but faster isn’t always better.

Lesson 2: Stay On Course.

After riding for some time she decided that the sidewalk wasn’t where the action was at. She saw two other kids playing together and decided that she wanted to ride her bike over where they were. She exclaims, “mommy, let’s go over there!” I remind her that we are staying on the sidewalk because it is the smoothest surface. Of course, her three-year-old mind didn’t understand. All she knew was that there were other kids to play with over across the street. As we continued to move along, I felt another internal nudge and understood it’s purpose.

As I go along this Christian walk there are times when I get frustrated at the fact that I am still on the same path. In my mind, I should be on a new path by now and so I get antsy. I begin to look around myself and see other’s and begin to think that I want to do something else. Their path looks more exciting and I make it up in my mind that that’s what I should be doing. All the while God is telling me to stay the course. I am reminded to stay patient and stay the course.


While those two lessons are simple I thought that they were great things to keep in mind. I would like to encourage you to keep an open mind throughout the day and listen for the Lord’s nudging. And share those lessons as you feel led by God to do so. They may be exactly what that person needed to hear. 

Thanks for tuning in!

Stay Blessed!

His servant,

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BVOD: Trust In The Lord Even Now : Proverbs 3:5-6


Trust In The Lord Even Now

BVOD- Proverbs 3-5-6

In my life, I am facing a circumstance that requires me to trust God. The situation is out of my control and that is honestly unsettling. In my own strength, I am helpless but I know that I am not alone. God is with me and He has complete control. I do not know what God is going to do, but I do trust Him.

Life is full of unexpected twist and turns. Some we can maneuver our way through, others leave us fully dependent upon the Lord. This isn’t a bad place to find yourself when you submit to the Lord in all of your ways. God is never grasping at straws when it comes to our lives.

We can trust God!



My hope is to encourage you if you too are facing a situation that is out of your control. In times like these, it is always helpful to look back. Think back to past situations that were out of your control. Do you remember how you made it through? Do you remember how God was there every step of the way?  Did you feel helpless or did you trust God wholeheartedly?

You may not be able to recall the answer to these questions but you should be able to recall the outcome of the situation. God was faithful!


One More thing:

The testimonies of others are nice but not necessary in your time of need.

If you cannot reach anyone by phone or find someone to come and sit with you don’t get lost in despair. Look back and remember the God that has always made a way. The one true God who always shows up on time and satisfies your very need, perfectly. You know God and you know that He is trustworthy.

No matter what you are facing know that you can trust God even now.











Have a blessed day!

His servant,

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