10 Things I Won’t Be Needing For Baby #2

10 Things I Won't Be Needing For Baby #2


As a child, I used to get things handed down to me from my older sister. At times, I didn’t mind as much because her style was pretty cool. At other times, I couldn’t stand it. As a soon to be mother¬†of two, I understand the reasoning behind it and I too will be passing down a few things.¬†Here are TEN things that I am looking forward to passing down to my newborn.

10 Things I won't be Needing For Baby #2

1. The Crib

It is a huge money saver to not have to purchase another crib. It is in good condition and I am so happy that I didn’t give it away like I planned to a few months back.

2. The Stroller

We still have our first born’s stroller that we hardly ever use. It is definitely one of those things that will be put to much use.

3. The Car Seat

I now see that holding onto the car seat that my oldest outgrew sooner than expected was a great idea. She is a tall kid for her age and for a little over a year now I’ve felt like it was one of those things that were unnecessarily taking up space. In my mind, I wasn’t going to have another child anytime soon so the car seat that she currently uses would be perfect. It adjusts to her height (from a car seat to a toddler seat, and to a booster seat). Now with two children, I will definitely be pulling out the old one once again.

4. The Travel Bed

This is an item that we definitely used from the start. It folds up, doesn’t weigh much, and takes up hardly any space. It’s easy to put together and take apart, when going on a trip you just put it in the car and go on your way.

5. Baby Carrier

This is a great item on those days when I want to get out of the house with baby without the car seat or stroller. If I want to run a quick errand by foot all I have to do is slide on the baby carrier, put baby inside, grab my keys, and go. It is a light weight option to the car seat and the stroller. I will definitely be putting to good use until baby #2 gets too heavy.

6. Diaper Pail + quite a few bags

As a first time mom, I didn’t realize the value of a diaper pail until I woke up in the middle of the night smelling dirty diapers. The next day, I went and purchased one and it made a world of a difference. I am so glad to still have that very pail with quite a few bags to go with it.

7. Baby Tub

The bath tub that I have has an attachment that helps keep the baby from sliding down while they are at the age where they can’t sit up. As they grow, I simply remove the attachment and it gives baby plenty of room. It also came with a little whale that drips water from it in a shower head fashion. My oldest wasn’t a fan of bath time but that little whale soothed her most of the time.

8. Baby Toys

My oldest daughter is such a smart toddler and I believe that it all started with those educational toys. I still have many of them and I will be pulling them out again for this baby as well.

9. Walker

This is a given. A walker is a necessity once this baby’s legs get stronger. I am pleased to still have this item in my possession.

10. High Chair

One of my fondest memories of motherhood was watching my daughter eat in her high chair. Although she would get her baby food all over herself and her high chair, it truly touched my heart to see her attempt to figure out how to feed herself. I am looking forward to witnessing the same with this precious baby.

Those are the top ten things that I am looking forward to passing down to baby #2. I am so happy that I didn’t throw these gems away because they will all be put to use pretty soon.

Thank you for tuning in!

See you soon.

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