Let Your Light Shine!

BVOD Let you light shine

What I took away from this verse:

Today I have to work and I can’t say that I am always pleasant with each customer that I come in contact with. As I meet different people I have to deal with different personalities. Some people are upbeat and want to converse with me and others are not so friendly. The truth is that whether they are nice or not I am called to be a light for Christ.

I am pregnant and my hormones are harder to control but still, I am called to be a light for Christ. It is not about tit-for-tat (if you are rude to me then I am rude back to you). I may have the right to be rude back but that would not advance the Kingdom of God.


How To Actively Be A Light For Christ In The Work Place

When I find myself trying to converse with an unpleasant person it isn’t always hard to do when it is just one or two, but it does get annoying after the 5th and 6th customer. Around that point, I find it harder to force a smile. In this moment, if I am level headed enough, I remind myself that I need to be a light for Christ. I don’t achieve this with a bunch of religious jargon. I do this by treating the individual the way that I wish to be treated.

I think about the day and how God has moved in my own life and I find that a smile naturally appears. I think about the fact that they were probably in a bad mood when they came through the door. Then I take into consideration that they are probably dealing with God’s knows what in their life and that a little compassion can go a long way. This allows me to stay calm and pleasant. Sometimes after I finish their transaction, that unpleasant person will tell me that they appreciate the kindness that they received.

The Point:

We are all called to be a light for Christ regardless of the way that we are treated by others. It isn’t always easy but if we have the right mindset then it is very possible.

If being a light for Christ is important to you and me then you and I will make it happen.


Today’s Prayer

I pray that as you go out into the world today that you point to Christ with your life. It can be difficult to deal with so many different people and so many different personalities. I pray that you stay focused on God’s will. May you not just live for Christ within the four wall of a church building but continue to do so on the outside. Allow God to use you and choose each day to be a light for Christ. Thank you, Father, for you know our hearts. Have you way in our lives. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Stay blessed!

His servant,

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