Changing Things Up A Bit


My blogging journey these past two weeks has been a great one. The first week I focused on “The Lost” and last week I focused on “Forgiveness”.  It has been nice but this week I am going to be changing things up a bit.


I miss talking about whatever random thing came to mind. So, I am going to revisit that way of writing this week. I am also not going to post 5 days a week this week. I am going to post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


This is a test run. I guess you can say that for the next few months I am going to be searching for what works best for me. If you don’t know how I used to blog in the past check out my old blog: The only difference is that I am not planning on taking long breaks in between post. 


Are you ready, everyone?

Let’s see how this goes!


His servant,

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