28 Weeks

I am officially 28 weeks pregnant today, which means that I now enter into my third trimester. I must say that some days felt long and uncomfortable, but I always tried to cherish each day of my pregnancy. Before looking forward to the weeks ahead, I want to fondly look back and document my second trimester.

Looking Back


A). Hip and Pelvic Pains

Early in my pregnancy, I began to experience pain and discomfort with my hip and pelvic bones. The pain has not gone away but I have found ways to cope each day. I discovered that sitting or standing still intensifies the pain. I learned that once I force myself to get moving it becomes much easier to get around. **If you are dealing with these pains I encourage you to get up and get active when possible.**

B). Insomnia

For many weeks now no matter what time I go to bed I always wake up around midnight. As I lay there exhausted from the day most times, I can not get back to sleep for at least an hour or so. I jokingly tell myself that my body is just preparing for the many months ahead. This may be true seeing that my daughter is very active around that time.

3). Swollen Fingers

Still Rocking My Ring

Last week, I woke to discover that my fingers were a tad bit swollen. This resulted in me not being able to wear my wedding ring. I had to work that day, so I decided to wear my ring on a necklace around my neck. I completely forgot that we currently have to wear the Mission Towel, so that basically covered up my necklace and my ring. This resulted in separate interactions with two different ladies trying to help me out.

Quick Story time:

I am a cashier and I come across some very lovely people. That day, on two separate occasions, I was kindly encouraged to get right with God before my baby is born. I was reminded that we all make mistakes, that babies are a blessing from God, and that He will help me. One lady specifically said, “Yes, being a single parent is hard but with God all things are possible”. 

These ladies were just trying to be encouraging and because of the absence of a ring on my finger, they assumed that I wasn’t married. I kindly revealed the ring that was mistakenly hidden under the Mission Towel around my neck. One lady turned red and let me know that she didn’t mean any harm. The other kind lady literally thanked God and told me that she was just concerned for my soul’s sake. 

I am not sure that I would do the same for a pregnant stranger whose isn’t wearing a ring, but I do appreciate the concern for my soul’s salvation.

I know I tucked my necklace in this pic. As a cashier, I am always moving so my necklace moves. You get the point I think. *not sponsored*

4). Minor Complications

If you have been following my blog or YouTube channel then you know that I had a mystery complication. It truly isn’t something I would like to go back over but if you missed it then you can find the details in the post here. In a later post, I was happy to let you all know that things had improved. Unfortunately, during last weeks appointment, I learned that the same problem has resurfaced. The doctor didn’t seem too concerned this time so I am just going to stay positive. We will see if things have improved at next weeks appointment.

All About Baby #2

I often dream that this baby is a boy although my doctor has shown us that we are having a girl. She is very active and loves to dance when there is music playing. I believe that she recognizes her sister’s and father’s voice because she moves whenever they speak to her. If she and I begin to play together, she will kick harder and harder if I don’t poke back right away (you can say that she loves attention). I feel a strong bond with her like I did with her sister. I am looking forward to seeing her precious face and beginning this new adventure.

My Final Thoughts

This trimester has been a good one. I am grateful that I have been able to enjoy this pregnancy this time around. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy my first pregnancy. The difference this time around is that I am older and have a more mature outlook this time around. I won’t be pregnant forever so I want to enjoy the tumbles, flips, and kicks while I still can.

Goodbye Second Trimester

As I enter into the final stretch of this pregnancy, I face the future with excitement. This is going to be a new adventure and I am all for it. I didn’t originally plan to get pregnant again just yet, but I couldn’t be any happier. I truly believe that God has amazing things in store for my family and for yours as well.

Ever Growing. 28 Weeks

Thank you for stopping by my blog once again. Please make sure to come back again, subscribe if you haven’t already, and until next time

Stay blessed

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