It’s hard to believe that on tomorrow you will be turning 4 years old. Words cannot express how proud I am of the person that you are. It brings me such joy to have you in my life every single day. I would love to keep you young and small forever but I realize that I don’t have control over such things.

You have taught me so much in your little life and the best I can do is capture the moments and lessons learned along the way. In this post, I am going to share pictures taken from this year and 7 lessons that you have taught me with your life at 3 years old.


Lesson 1: It’s okay To be Myself.

You are one of a kind. I love the way you go with the flow and how you are not afraid to be yourself regardless of who is around. You motto seems to be “Why blend in when you could stand out”. I may be a little bias but I must say you are one cool kid.

Lesson 2: Go ahead and smile.

Life has its challenges but that doesn’t have to keep me from smiling. I can honestly say that you smile every single day. Sure you cry and have your moments but you are one happy person overall. I love being around you and you have taught me to make sure that I find time to smile everyday.

Lesson 3: It’s okay to be silly sometimes.

I have been way too serious way too often in my life. When you came into my world, I discovered a new side to myself. You taught me to lighten up. It is okay to sing down the aisles at the grocery store. It is okay to run in the rain or jump in muddy puddles. While I have been spending time being so serious I have been allowing life to pass me by. You certainly make sure that doesn’t happen and I am grateful for that.

Lesson 4: You have reminded me of my motto “Never Give Up!”

I have always been a strong believer of not quitting what I start. As a mother, there are times where it seems like I am failing. Sometimes I wonder if I am being to hard on you or if I am being to lenient. There are even times when I am not as patient as I should have been. There are also times when I wonder if I am doing a good job. When I feel like this I can just look at you and see the growth. You know all of your ABC’s, you are independent, and you are alive and well. I don’t take fill credit for this but I do allow it to encourage me to keep on trying. Yes, I get some things wrong but if I keep on trying I will eventually succeed just like you do.

Lesson 5: Get up and Get Outdoors.

The first two years of your life I didn’t get out nearly as much as I do now. I was indoors and I wasn’t really feeling upbeat. This past year, we have been getting outside more than before. We run, scream, play, and see new things. We got to go to your first football game (Go Duke!) and we have been to so many different parks with family and friends. It has been a blast! (I have been slowing down quite a bit due to being pregnant with your baby sister but I plan to resume those activities as soon as I can.)

Lesson 6: It’s okay to be tough and girly at the same time.

You have shown me that you don’t have to choose between being girly and loving the outdoors. In a dress or in pants you don’t mind going outside. You love your hair and you love your girly outfits but you can still be found in the sandbox or chasing a neighbors dog. Why choose when you can have the best of both worlds, right?

Lesson 7: It is okay to stop and rest.

At night, I tend to lie awake and worry about things from earlier in the day. Most times everyone is sleeping but your silence reminds me to rest. After a difficult day, I am reminded to rest when you are lying in my arms. I am reminded to rest when you are lying right beside me. No matter what has gone on during the day you make sure to get your rest. True you are only three but it speaks volumes to me, loud and clear.

Message to Abriyannah

Thank you for the lessons. Thank you for being you in my everyday life. As you grow older I truly pray that you don’t change for anyone around you. I love how much you love God and how you remember to pray at bed time. I love how active you are in church. Your faith in God has ignited mine even more than before.

You have taught me so many things in just a short amount of time. I am looking forward to learning even more lessons from you. I want you to know that you are a great daughter and that I love you so much. In a few days, or less,  you will become a big sister and I am certain that you will be a great big sister too. I love you so much and I am looking forward to the next chapters of your life.  Love, Mommy!


Thank you for dropping by once again. I will see you all again very soon.

God bless,

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