Gender Reveal: We are having a...


Last week, I shared with you all about a mystery complication that I was having with this pregnancy. I am so happy to inform you all that the doctor says that everything looks good. God is so good and I am truly grateful.

Gender Reveal

Today we got to see our precious little one. Everything looks great! The brain is growing the way that it should, the heartbeat was perfect, two legs, two arms, ten fingers, two feet, everything was the way it should be.

We also found out that we are having a…

We are having a girl!

It’s a girl!


We are having another little girl and she too will be due in October! We are so excited and blessed beyond measure. My husband, daughter, and I are so overjoyed to have this amazing blessing on the way.

Just a few more months to go. 

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Have a fantastic day!

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