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It has been a few weeks so I think an update is in order.

Pregnancy Update 23 Weeks

Today is June 20th, and I am currently 23 weeks pregnant. I have been MIA due to the highs and the lows in my mood swings. (I really didn’t want to get on here being a debbie downer nor did I want to pretend to be upbeat when I wasn’t).


1. I can feel baby B move and so can my husband and daughter. I haven’t really been petted by anyone else at this point ;).

2. Sometimes you can see her move when she is very active.

3. I have been waking up every night at the same time and then I can’t go back to sleep for hours. At that time, I wake to find that baby B is awake and pretty playful. She will kick and I will poke her and she will repeat. I have concluded that my body is preparing for those sleepless nights that are soon to come.

4. All is well with baby and me healthwise.

5. No specific cravings lately. Most of the time, I find that I am forcing myself to eat because of my lack of an appetite.

6. I am 9 pounds shy of the weight that I was when I gave birth to my oldest. I thought I would feel fat and embarrassed about the weight gain this time around, but I am honestly just enjoying my pregnancy (minus the mood swings).

7. My hip and pelvic bones still ache after being on my feet. I think I am getting used to it.

8. My oldest daughter is very territorial over my stomach. She reminds me all of the time that this is her sister. I can only imagine how she is going to be once her sister gets here.

That’s it for now.

Thank you for stopping by!

Hope to see you again soon.

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