Trust In The Lord Even Now

BVOD- Proverbs 3-5-6

In my life, I am facing a circumstance that requires me to trust God. The situation is out of my control and that is honestly unsettling. In my own strength, I am helpless but I know that I am not alone. God is with me and He has complete control. I do not know what God is going to do, but I do trust Him.

Life is full of unexpected twist and turns. Some we can maneuver our way through, others leave us fully dependent upon the Lord. This isn’t a bad place to find yourself when you submit to the Lord in all of your ways. God is never grasping at straws when it comes to our lives.

We can trust God!



My hope is to encourage you if you too are facing a situation that is out of your control. In times like these, it is always helpful to look back. Think back to past situations that were out of your control. Do you remember how you made it through? Do you remember how God was there every step of the way?  Did you feel helpless or did you trust God wholeheartedly?

You may not be able to recall the answer to these questions but you should be able to recall the outcome of the situation. God was faithful!


One More thing:

The testimonies of others are nice but not necessary in your time of need.

If you cannot reach anyone by phone or find someone to come and sit with you don’t get lost in despair. Look back and remember the God that has always made a way. The one true God who always shows up on time and satisfies your very need, perfectly. You know God and you know that He is trustworthy.

No matter what you are facing know that you can trust God even now.











Have a blessed day!

His servant,

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