Learning To Ride Her Bike

Disclaimer: Since she doesn’t have a helmet, I didn’t let her ride alone. She wasn’t moving her bike. She was only posing for the picture.


I personally believe that God can speak in any moment.  It doesn’t have to be in a church service, although it can be. All you need to do is be willing to listen and open your eyes to what He wants to show you.

Yesterday, while teaching my daughter to ride her bike, I laughed as I received 2 little nuggets from the Lord. I thought it would be helpful to my readers. Here are 2 lessons that I received from the Lord during my daughter’s bike lesson.

2 Lessons That I learned

Lesson 1: Faster isn’t always better.

As I pushed my daughter up and down on the sidewalk at a slow pace, she quickly became bored. Her feet began to rock the pedals back and forward as she loudly protested “faster mommy, faster!” I tried to explain to her that she was still learning and that we would get faster over time. Once I said this I felt and an internal nudge from the Lord.

I understood exactly what the nudge meant. I am guilty of getting bored along the way as I follow God’s leading. Instead of trusting Him, I declare that we go faster. God see’s the end and knows exactly what He is doing and where He is taking me. Faster may add some excitement to the journey but faster isn’t always better.

Lesson 2: Stay On Course.

After riding for some time she decided that the sidewalk wasn’t where the action was at. She saw two other kids playing together and decided that she wanted to ride her bike over where they were. She exclaims, “mommy, let’s go over there!” I remind her that we are staying on the sidewalk because it is the smoothest surface. Of course, her three-year-old mind didn’t understand. All she knew was that there were other kids to play with over across the street. As we continued to move along, I felt another internal nudge and understood it’s purpose.

As I go along this Christian walk there are times when I get frustrated at the fact that I am still on the same path. In my mind, I should be on a new path by now and so I get antsy. I begin to look around myself and see other’s and begin to think that I want to do something else. Their path looks more exciting and I make it up in my mind that that’s what I should be doing. All the while God is telling me to stay the course. I am reminded to stay patient and stay the course.


While those two lessons are simple I thought that they were great things to keep in mind. I would like to encourage you to keep an open mind throughout the day and listen for the Lord’s nudging. And share those lessons as you feel led by God to do so. They may be exactly what that person needed to hear. 

Thanks for tuning in!

Stay Blessed!

His servant,

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