But God Called You Anyway!

Biblical Text: Exodus 3:1- 4:17

God called Moses to a great purpose but Moses couldn’t get past his own past or his own flaws. As a result, he kept giving God excuses as to why he wasn’t the man for the job but God was not deterred. God already knew all of those things and more about Moses, and yet He still called him.

How about you?

What has God called you to that you feel unqualified for? When it comes to blogging I personally feel it is a ministry that God has called me to. When I first felt that God wanted me to be a Christian blogger I felt overwhelmingly underqualified. I was constantly thinking things like:

“I am just a mother and a wife. My grammar is not the best. I tend to ramble on and on. Who wants to listen to me? What do I have to offer people? What do I know?”


Like Moses God didn’t choose me because of who I am but because of who He is. He doesn’t need me but He chose me anyway. There are days when I honestly don’t know what to blog about. There are times when I feel completely uninspired while staring at the blank document in front of me. In the end, God always makes it happen. It is never about my glory or my fame but honestly, I hope to point to God. Not only with the success but with my flaws, trials, and tribulations.

If God has called you and you feel unqualified maybe it is because in and of yourself you are. But like with Moses God will be with you all the way.

I truly believe that and I hope that you do too.


God bless you!

His servant,

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